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Saturday, February 9, 2008

SQL Server 2005 set up takes a very long time to complete

Issue :
SQL Server 2005 set up takes a very long time to complete
Environment :
Database :SQL Server Enterprise Edition 2005 EN
OS : Windows server 2003

Root Cause :
Explanation : Why is it taking too much time to install SQL Server 2005
SQL Server 2005 Setup needs to configure security settings. When the primary domain has many external trust relationships with other domains or many lookups are performed at the same time, the time that is required to look up domain group names may increase significantly. Therefore, the time that is required to install SQL Server 2005 may increase. This is because by default, in the Microsoft Windows Server 2003 family and in the Microsoft Windows 2000 Server family, when the LookupAccountName function or the LsaLookupNames function resolves isolated names to security identifiers (SIDs), a remote procedure call (RPC) is made to domain controllers on external trusted domains. An isolated name is an ambiguous, non-domain-qualified user account.

Solutions :

Solution 1 :

Temporarily disable the network on the computer on which the SQL Server 2005 Setup program is running. To do this, either disconnect the network cable or type the following command at a command prompt: ipconfig /release *Con*. If you use ipconfig utility make sure to run ipconfig /renew *Con* after installation is done.
Note :This workaround will not succeed when you are installing a SQL Server failover cluster.

Solution 2 :

Follow the steps that are listed in the following Microsoft Knowledge base article to restrict the lookup of isolated names in external trusted domains:
818024 How to restrict the lookup of isolated names in external trusted domains by using the LsaLookupRestrictIsolatedNameLevel registry entry

Solution 3 :

Apply hotfix as per KB 910070
These are the exact steps that you need to perform.

Step 1 : download the zip file to some location and extract it .
Step 2 : Now you will be having the files mentioned below
• AS2005-KB919357-x86-ENU.exe
• SQL2005-KB919357-x86-ENU.exe
• DTS2005-KB919357-x86-ENU.exe
• NS2005-KB919357-x86-ENU.exe
• RS2005-KB919357-x86-ENU.exe
• SQLTools2005-KB919357-x86-ENU.exe
• SQLSupport2005-KB919357-x86-ENU.exe
Step 3 : At a command prompt, run these .exe files by specifying the /X switch to extract these .exe files into different folders.

• AS2005-KB919357-x86-ENU.exe /X:C:\QFE\AS
• SQL2005-KB919357-x86-ENU.exe /X:C:\QFE\SQL
• DTS2005-KB919357-x86-ENU.exe /X:C:\QFE\IS
• NS2005-KB919357-x86-ENU.ex /X:C:\QFE\NS
• RS2005-KB919357-x86-ENU.exe /X:C:\QFE\RS
• SQLTools2005-KB919357-x86-ENU.exe /X:C:\QFE\Tools
• SQLSupport2005-KB919357-x86-ENU.exe /X:C:\QFE\SqlSupport
Step 4 : After you extract these .exe files, the .msp files appear in the following folders: • C:\QFE\AS\hotfixas\files\sqlrun_as.msp

• C:\QFE\SQL\hotfixsql\files\sqlrun_sql.msp
• C:\QFE\IS\hotfixdts\files\sqlrun_dts.msp
• C:\QFE\NS\hotfixns\files\sqlrun_ns.msp
• C:\QFE\RS\hotfixrs\files\sqlrun_rs.msp
• C:\QFE\Tools\hotfixtools\files\sqlrun_tools.msp
• C:\QFE\SqlSupport\msp\sqlsupport.msp

Step 5 : Install SQL Server 2005 by running a command that resembles the following command:

\Servers\setup.exe SQLSUPPORTPATCH="C:\QFE\SqlSupport\msp\SqlSupport.msp" HOTFIXPATCH="C:\QFE\AS\hotfixas\files\sqlrun_as.msp;C:\QFE\SQL\hotfixsql\files\sqlrun_sql.msp;C:\QFE\IS\hotfixdts\files\sqlrun_dts.msp;C:\QFE\NS\hotfixns\files\sqlrun_ns.msp;C:\QFE\RS\hotfixrs\files\sqlrun_rs.msp;C:\QFE\Tools\hotfixtools\files\sqlrun_tools.msp"

This is the example that I followed :
C:\Enterprise\servers\setup.exe SQLSUPPORTPATCH="C:\QFE\SqlSupport\msp\SqlSupport.msp" HOTFIXPATCH="C:\QFE\AS\hotfixas\files\sqlrun_as.msp;C:\QFE\SQL\hotfixsql\files\sqlrun_sql.msp;C:\QFE\IS\hotfixdts\files\sqlrun_dts.msp;C:\QFE\NS\hotfixns\files\sqlrun_ns.msp;C:\QFE\RS\hotfixrs\files\sqlrun_rs.msp;C:\QFE\Tools\hotfixtools\files\sqlrun_tools.msp"

Useful Links :
KB 910070 and KB 818024

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