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Monday, April 27, 2009

Manually Add Full Text Search Resources For A SQL 2005 Failover Cluster

Reciently, I Faced this issue where the customer did not install the FT search initially and later on they came for help since it was a I thought to share it here .Others are most welcome to Edit or Add ..

-> First you need to check if FT search service is installed (in case its there and someone deleted the resource from cluadmin)...if its not there in services or configuration manager , install it through the setup .

->In the Cluster Administrator, right-click on 'Resources' and choose New -> Resource

->In the New Resource dialog, choose 'Generic Service' for the type and give it a
name like SQL FULLTEXT. Any name is fine. Choose the desired group for the resource.

->In the next screen choose the nodes that the Full-text resource can run on.These should be the same as your SQL Server resource.

->In the next screen don't do anything. Full-text search doesn't need any dependencies.

->In the Generic Service Parameters screen type msftesql$ in the
'Service Name' box, where is the Virtual Server name for the SQL
Server. You can verify this name by opening Services.msc (Start -> Run -> type
'Services.msc' -> OK) and right-clicking on the SQL ServerFulltext Search service
and choosing properities. Us the Service Name in the properties dialog as the
Service Name in the New Resource dialog.

->In the 'Startup Parameters' box, enter the parameters shown in the service
property dialog (Start -> Run -> type 'Services.msc' -> OK -> right-click on SQL
ServerFulltext Search service -> choose 'Properties) at the end of the path in the
'Path to executable' box. For example: -s:MSSQL.2 -f:INST2

-> In the next screen don't do anything. Leave the 'Registry Replication'
information blank.

-> Click finish. The Full-text resource should be visible in your SQL Server group
in the Cluster Administrator.

-> Test by bringing the Full-text resource online and failing it over to the other


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