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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

How to drop all the user databases in one GO

It was Saturday Morning and I had a task @ hand .
One of my collegues wanted me to write a script to drop all the user databases at one go ..

I was initially reluctant as I thought any DDL can not take variables .But then I tried with some other stuff which did not use variables with DMLs.

Initially I came up with the script below :

Create table drop_db(name sysname)
Insert into drop_db select name from sysdatabases where dbid >4
Select 'drop database ' + name from db_name

Copy the output and execute.You canuse the same trick for other purposes as well .

But then I wanted to give it some more try and came up with the final script .

Drop table #db_name
Create table #db_drop (name sysname,flag int identity (1,1) )
Insert into #db_drop select name from sysdatabases where dbid>4
Declare @@flag1 int
Select @@flag1 =max (flag) from #db_drop

While @@flag1 >0
Declare @string nvarchar (30)
Declare @dbname sysname
Select @dbname =name from #db_drop where flag=@@flag1
Print @dbname + ' is being deleted'
Set @string =' drop database ' + @dbname
Execute sp_executesql @string
Set @@flag1 =@@flag1 +1
Drop table #db_drop

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