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Saturday, December 19, 2009

Games Port Play

Yesterday evening, I was winding up when my collegue came and said :

"I have a 2008 instance which when I connect to shows me the right insance name but the version is 3073 which is 2005 and the databases also belongs to 2005 instance" .
This means that , I invited you to my house #X, you followed a route and came to my house .But you found that its not my house and somebody else's house Y even though the house number is correct .How is that possible ...........

After resolving the issue I reproduced the issue for better understanding .

screenshot :

I have one 2000 instance , one 2005 instance and one 2008 instance showing below

I did something and here is the new screenshot :

Test 1:
Assuming that there might be some issue with SSMS / SQLWB (in short assuming management Studio got corrupted ), I connected wih the 2008 instance using SQLCMD

April is 2008 instance but its showing as 2000 instance .So Management studio is not corrupt and we need not uninstall it .

Test 2 :
Tried to connect to April using Named Pipe protocol instead of TCPIP

It was successful and showing the right version 10.0.1600.So there is no isue with the Named pipe query .

Test 3 :
Found the port on which April is listening through registry and tried to connect using the port

and the result was :

It means that April is not listening on PORT 1414.Then on which port its listening ??
So I decided to create an alias to force April to listen on 1414 port .
I used Client Network utility (CLICONFG) to create the alias .
Guess what ..........there was already an alias which was meant for April but was pointing to port 1918 .
On 1918 SQL Server 2000 was listening ....[used netstat -abn] ......
Removed that alias and created the new one forcing April to listen on its own port 1414....
And it worked .......2005 also had the same issue ...

Not sure if its a Bug as its possible only from higher version to lower version and not from lower to higher version
i.e. its possible that SQL 2008 or 2005 listen on 2000 port but not vice versa ...

Let me log the bug and see what happens ........

Hence the mistry was resolved ...

Happy learning .....

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